Our Wines

Hoosier Daddi


This wine started as a gag, but has quickly become one of our best sellers. The bottle is crooked and leans to one side.  The wine is a sweet red


Bardenheier's "Old Fashion" is a sweet Concord Winethat is like "Grandpa Used To Make".  It was one of Bardenheier's first and best selling wines.  









Rosie O'Grady's classic label and artwork are an old family favorite.  The history of both cinema and music that surround the name are a quaint reminder of older times.

Rosie O'Grady is "The Sweetest Little Wine The Vineyard Ever Grew". 


Sunset Serenade

This wine was a Bronze Medal Winner at the International Eastern Wine Competition in New York, 2008.  It is a semi-sweet, light fruity wine unlike any other and can be enjoyed by even non- wine drinkers.                                  

Whispering Falls

This is a sweet white wine.  with a clean, light, smooth fruity flavor.  It is another wine even a non-wine drinker can enjoy because it is so light and smooth. 

Sommer Rose

 Our White Zinfandel is pale pink, fruity, light bodied and mellow. The grape used is so fruity, it still has hints of natural sweetness.  It's unpretentious versatility lends a fresh, clean taste that is nearly flawless in its ability to compliment any food on any occasion.


Bardenheier's Blackberry Wine

 Bardenheier’s Blackberry Wine is a full bodied, robust and fruity wine.  It is great for dessert or for afternoon picnics.  This wine is made with real blackberries, not flavoring and is a best seller for us.

Bardenheier's Cherry Wine

Bardenheier's Strawberry Wine

Many Strawberry wines are “strawberry flavored. Here at Bardenheier's, our wine is made from true 100% strawberries.  Most often Missouri Strawberries because Grandpa said they were the best available!                


Bardenheier's Peach Wine

This wine is a delicate, fruity wine.  Full of fun for any occasion, this wine is made from the juice of sweet, succulent peaches.

Bardenheier's Red Currant Wine

For those unfamiliar with unsurpassed flavor of the Red Currant berry, it has been described as having an exquisite balance of sweetness and acidity with incomparable notes of citrus and very subtle musky undertones.  Bardenheier’s Red Currant Wine is an unusual sweet wine sure to please any palate.


Bardenheier's Cream Sherry

Rich mahogany in color and velvety smooth in texture, this wine is perfect when your guests desire a sweeter, more heavy bodied wine.  Excellent as a dessert wine, serve this with cakes, cookies or nuts, it is perfect with Cheesecake and will add delight to any recipe you may be preparing.










A delightfully mulled wine uniquely crafted with warm holiday smells and spices to remind you of holidays enjoyed with family by the fireside or around the table.





Bardenheier's "Radiant Red" is a smooth, hearty Red wine with delightfully subtle aroma.  Perfect for everything from the finest cut of Filet Mignon to hamburgers barbecued in your back yard.                                                                                     






This wine is a dry white Pinot Grigio blend.  Bardenheier's "Whistfully White" is a velvety, smooth dinner wine , an excellent choice with Fish or Fowl.                                                                                                  

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